1. B

    Cartoony Bazz's Misc Pack 1.2

    UPDATE V1.2 Added: Hand drawn Transparent Stairs path (same art but removed the color) Version 1.0 This pack contains: Objects: Hand drawn Palm tree (Trunk not Visible) Hand drawn Palm tree (Trunk Visible) Hand drawn Palm leaf Hand drawn Coconut Hand drawn chain outlet Hand drawn Chain...
  2. Kid Inkarus

    Drawn Floating Islands 1.0

    Greetings all, Here are some hand drawn floating islands. Comes in -Symbols -Mountain brushes -With Top edges and without
  3. R

    Other Cliffs 1.0

    This is a set of Cliffs based on the Top Down Mounts produced and released by Zalkenai, released with his permission.
  4. W

    Topographic Whooplaah's Cliffs 1.1

    Modular cliffs, canyons, plateaus, and valleys. Demo Video:

    Drawn Radiacor's Cliffs 1.0

    A bunch of hand drawed cliffs, made to give height to your maps. They are 'sample_color' method to adapt themseves to the color of the terrain
  6. Nexoness

    Topographic Drawn Symbols of War: Battlemap 1.0

    Symbols of War Battlemap Symbols of War: Battlemap is a custom theme for Wonderdraft that enables you to create both simple and stunning looking battle maps in combination with other assets in the series. Make use of the label presets, custom colour palette and theme settings to make your...
  7. Zalkenai

    Drawn The World Tree 1.0

  8. Zalkenai

    Drawn (BW) Chasms 1.0

  9. Zalkenai

    Drawn Icebergs 1.0

  10. Elvanos

    Package Elvanos's Hill pack 2.1

    A hill pack with hand-drawn outlines and B&W colorable backgrounds; mostly made for Wonderdraft (comes packed via the Wonderdraft system), but usable anywhere else (all files come as PNGs). Contains 2 versions: A B/W light textures version that is very smooth A B/W-ish heavier texture version...
  11. Zalkenai

    Drawn Dead trees pack 3.0

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Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you've put in converting all the FA assets to Dungeoncraft :)(y)
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Can you add custom fonts to Wonderdraft?
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