1. S

    Cartoony Cartoony Synecdoche Pack 1

    A bunch of miscellanous assets, including: * Marble tile floor and terrain * Fire wall path and freestanding fires * Many statues, most colorable, including Moloch (1e PHB cover), Anubis, Michelangelo's David, Venus of Willendorf, cobra, treant head, gargoyle * Many sarcophagi and skeletons *...
  2. N

    Drawn (Unofficial) Forgotten Adventures Roofs (Lite) 4

    Assets for building roofs. You'll want to drop some shingles on top of your structure, add some gables, shingle linings, and other stuff to fancy the place up. There are some chimneys for picky folk that don't want to keep the smoke indoors. There are also holes, for those lazy folk that don't...
  3. Toblakai23

    Package Toblakai23's Candles & Lanterns 1.0

    I have made these colorable candles and lanterns. 2 Street lanterns 1 Wall mounted lantern 2 Lanterns 2 Candlestands 5 Wall mounted candles
  4. Toblakai23

    Top Down Polygonal Toblakai23's Geometric Colorable Shapes 1.0

    These are simple colourable objects for Dungeondraft. Install in your main Dungeondraft folder. IF you think they look too "clean" Download my not so geometric shapes for a more compatiible version with the original DD assets.
  5. Bruu_Brunellis

    Package Ancient Wold Pack - Bruu_Brunellis 1.0

    This AMAZING collection contains 51 new custom assets 🤩! Including: 28 city icons of varied types and cultures; 09 buildings: the Pyramids, Temples or an Obelisk; 14 custom color symbols. Enhance your beautiful maps with the Ancient World Pack!
  6. jchunick

    Yes Package Political Borders 1.0

    This package provides you with 8 colourable styles of political borders to choose from. How to Use: If you are going to connect the start of the path to the end of the path it is important to consider where to start. I found that placing the start of the path where I could end my approach on a...
  7. Mill House Studios

    Top-down City Blocks 1.1

    Simple city blocks for top-down city maos. These assets are intentionally pretty simple, and do not have shading, as they are intended to be rotated around a lot, and that would destroy any 3d effect. If you want to shade the roof tops, my advice would be to wait until you've finished and do it...
  8. D

    Drawn deltagiac's Hand-drawn Pack 1.0

    A pack containing; 17 types of trees, 3 types of vegetation, and 4 types of mountains and hills. Each item has 10 variants to keep a sense of realism when imitating hand drawn aesthetics.
  9. quachyourback

    Drawn Silkarch by Chan 2.0

    The City of Silkarch was a Japan-inspired city map submitted to Wonderdraft’s 3rd Official Mapping Contest, held in partnership with 2-Minute Tabletop. The original assets made specially for that entry can be found right here in this pack—plus more made after the contest closed! They work...
  10. quachyourback

    Drawn Japanese Castle Town by 2-Minute Tabletop 1.0

    Made from 2-Minute Tabletop’s Castle Town and Japanese Village, these houses have been cut and altered to become individual assets for mapmaking. The “originals” have not been included as symbols because they are not assets per se but full maps. Modifications include slight changes to the...
  11. M

    Package Isometric Houses [WIP] 0.1.1

    Along with Wonderdraft I bought the "Premium Buildings" package and while I do quite like that, I think it has some flaws that I try to improve upon: A: They are not well packed to work with the shuffle feature. If you tried it, you'd end up with random castles, cathedrals and portals all over...
  12. jchunick

    Semi-realistic Maelstrom 1.0

    There are two assets in this pack, with one and three-colour colourable variations of each. Each is colourable using the Custom Colors. One of the assets is a head-on version and the other asset is a flatter, more angled version giving it more of a 3D effect. Both were made from my tropical...
  13. Elvanos

    Package Elvanos' Evil Mountain Pack 1.1

    An evil mountains pack with hand-drawn outlines and textured backgrounds; mostly made for Wonderdraft (comes packed via the Wonderdraft system), but usable anywhere else (all files come as PNGs) - hoping to satisfy the needs of all your evil overlords! Contains with 6 symbols and in 7 color...
  14. Elvanos

    Flat Caeora: Blue Sword Games & Elvanos - Map Icons 1.0

    This is an update to a pack originally uploaded by Caeora from Blue Sword Games which can be found here: This version contains: All icons from the original pack, with the exception of the Crater icon in the textured versions (still...
  15. C

    Drawn Cleanzor Volcanos 1.1

    4 volcanos to fit in with the Cleanzor Mountains set 01. Inactive versions may be found in the mountains brushes and are colorable. Overlays are provided to make the inactive into active volcanos, just load set Clv01-Overlays and select the overlay that matches the volcano. I suggest placing the...

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