Amazing milestones! Thank you!

An amazing milestone and achievement has been reached!

There have been 3.000 items sold on CartographyAssets ever since we gave creators the ability to sell their content on CartographyAssets! The ability to sell assets was added after the request from many different creators. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought it would take less than a year to allow for 3.000 items to be sold.

I want to thank you all personally for using CartographyAssets to find the assets you are looking for. I also like to say thank you for those who purchased assets, maps or licenses. By doing so you are supporting the amazing creators, whom I'm sure get an amazing feeling from it.

New: Creator badges!

We have added badges for creators to award them with successes:

Featured Theme Winner
This means that the Creator has posted an asset or map that ended up as the best in a "Featured Theme" contest.
The featured theme is displayed on the front page, the current featured theme is "The Heavens".

Asset Making Contest Winner
This means that the Creator has won one of the Asset Making Contests.

100 Sales
Creators who have made 100 sales or more are awarded with the 100 Sales badge.
This badge is manually awarded, if you do not have the award, but should, please contact us.

Elite Creator
Creators who have made 1.000 sales or more are awarded with the Elite Creator badge.

Best Selling Creator
Given to the best selling Creator(s) on the platform.

Creator of the Year
A badge for those who are selected as Creator of the Year.

Creators: How to get started

Step 1 – Reset your password

Use your old username and/or e-mail and reset your password. (

Step 2 – Register as a creator

All creators can sell assets and maps, but we also want to ensure that they are legit persons and not scammers. Therefore we separated them from normal users.

Creators have their own creator / store page, which must be set up. This is done by first applying via the “Become a creator” page. You do this using your old username and/or email rather than making a new user. Let us know if you want to change your name to something else.

Step 3 – Set up your page

After registering, you will be able to set up your page. Add stuff like a banner and profile picture, and some basic details like a support email if you are planning on selling stuff. If you are a company you are expected to also enter your VAT-ID and/or Chamber of Commerce number in the store settings and invoice settings.

It is recommended to dedicate an email account to CA.

Step 4 – Your old assets

You may use at any point for reference.

Assets can only be linked to your account once you are officially a creator and must be done manually by us. When you are registered as a creator, we will link your old assets to your account, and they will be visible to you in the Creators Hub under Assets. We already imported as much as we could for you, all you must do now is check your assets and fix any errors we made and change some settings.

Please contact me (Nexoness#9141) on discord when you have set up your Creator account so that I can transfer your old assets to you. (also mention your username)

What you want to check and keep in mind:
  • Check if metadata such as category, tags and license information is correct.
  • Check if the correct file is linked to your asset.
  • Tags and descriptions are now very important for the search engine. We recommend you have at least 5 tags and a good description.
What you need to do:
  • If you had multiple files you must add the missing files yourself.
  • Add some example images and, optionally, update your icon with a higher quality one.
  • Some descriptions may require touch-ups.

Asset rules

The following rules apply to all assets and maps:

  • Only upload content made by yourself.
    • If this is not the case, you must be able to show that you have permission from the relevant author / copyright holder.
  • In order to keep licenses simple, we ask you not to upload content from multiple creators in the same asset, upload them as different assets instead.
  • Content does not infringe, violate, or misappropriate any third-party intellectual property rights, including copyrights or trademarks.
  • Users must be able to tell what they are about to download so include a picture as an example.

If you want to post content not made by yourself, you must get permission from the relevant author / copyright holder. We require at least a form of written permission from the relevant author / copyright holder with verification that it was written by them.

Please contact us beforehand to ensure that everything is being covered.

Selling assets on

Creators now have the ability to sell assets directly on CartographyAssets, a few rules and aspects apply:

  • Assets must be of sufficient quality and must have:
    • A full description
    • Example images
  • You can only sell your own work.
    • Attempts at trying to sell other creators work will result in a permanent ban and access to the platform will be restricted.
    • Depending on the laws that apply you may also face legal trouble for selling other creators work.
  • CartographyAssets team actively checks the content to ensure people get what they pay for and that all content is in compliance with the rules and law.
    • We do not use the content for our own personal use or manually distribute it.
  • You may upload different types of the same asset in order to sell different types of licenses, please post these in the Licenses category.
Important notes on selling assets

This platform and its features are provided for free; I do however have costs to cover. I have worked together with creators, users and other partners and heard your feedback which has resulted in a 10% cut on assets sales to cover the various costs ranging from legal administration to hosting costs.

In return, creators get detailed reports on their financial statistics, orders and more. There is also an invoice system, ledger book, balance, order statistics, taxes, support system and inquiries.

To provide such a robust platform for creators I had to register a company in accordance with Dutch law. The company is fully registered and operational and is called Innozoom.

  • Chamber of Commerce number: 78093783
  • VAT-id: NL003285205B89

If you have any business-related questions, please contact [email protected].

Please be aware that you are the seller of your work. It is up to you to enable settings like taxes, fill in your VAT-ID or other information if your government requires you to do so.

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