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  1. Nexoness

    Miscellaneous Asset Creator Guide

    Nexoness submitted a new asset: Asset Creator Guide - A guide for asset creators on how to optimize and upload their amazing assets on CartographyAssets. Read more about this asset...
  2. Nexoness

    Official Mythkeeper

    I've tried it myself just now and it works fine for me, which makes me believe it is something on your end that is causing the issue. Do you have the same issue on other devices?
  3. Nexoness

    Official Mythkeeper

    Have you tried using a different browser to see if it has the same issue?
  4. Nexoness

    Higher Avorian Namebase 1.0

    Higher Avorian - Namebase Populate your map with names from the Higher Avorian culture The Higher Avorian namebase is a namebase for the Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator that makes it possible to generate random names from the Higher Avorian culture. Example map with random generated names
  5. Nexoness

    Higher Avorian Namebase

    Nexoness submitted a new asset: Higher Avorian Namebase - Populate your map with names from the Higher Avorian culture Read more about this asset...
  6. Nexoness

    Taking your map to the next level!

    So, you've created your amazing looking map using the program of your liking and symbols or icons you might even have found on CartographyAssets ... ... What's the next step? Well, worldbuilding of course! A map on its own is pretty cool already, it has a specific story behind it that is...
  7. Nexoness

    Wonderdraft NATO Joint Military Symbology

    Great! You've saved me some work! Looks guuuuud!
  8. Nexoness

    Other Symbols of War: Napoleonic Wars 0.1

    Theme currently in alpha, update expected in the coming week. Place Symbols of War - Napoleonic Wars.wonderdraft_theme in Wonderdraft/themes/ As suggested by Barbarossa
  9. Nexoness

    Theme Symbols of War: Napoleonic Wars

    Nexoness submitted a new asset: Symbols of War: Napoleonic Wars - Currently in Alpha Read more about this asset...
  10. Nexoness

    Thank you! A big thank you to our supporters!

    Hi there! I know, I know.. a bit late.. but I still wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single one of our Patrons who make our platform possible! We've grown a lot lately, which was possible thanks to the support from our patrons and creators! A big thank you to: Andrew Burke...
  11. Nexoness

    Realistic Avoro - Avoro 4.2 is here! With new styles of water!

    Greetings Avorians! I present to you the latest update for Avoro! Bringing you 5 new styles of water to spice up the variety! Choose the trusty main theme you've always liked, or use one of the new water styles: Blue, Blue (Dark), Old Blue, Vibrant Blue or Carribean water!
  12. Nexoness


    Nexoness updated Avoro with a new update entry: Avoro 4.2 is here! With new styles of water! Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. Nexoness

    Drawn Symbols of War: Battlemap 1.0

    Symbols of War Battlemap Symbols of War: Battlemap is a custom theme for Wonderdraft that enables you to create both simple and stunning looking battle maps in combination with other assets in the series. Make use of the label presets, custom colour palette and theme settings to make your...
  14. Nexoness

    Theme Symbols of War: Battlemap

    Nexoness submitted a new asset: Symbols of War: Battlemap - Generals! The enemy is approaching! We must make a plan! Read more about this asset...
  15. Nexoness

    Top-down Symbols of War - Units - Reinforcements have arrived!

    Generals! Your army's reinforcements have arrived! 16 New units are at your disposal!
  16. Nexoness

    Symbol(s) Symbols of War - Units

    Nexoness updated Symbols of War - Units with a new update entry: Reinforcements have arrived! Read the rest of this update entry...
  17. Nexoness

    Symbol(s) Modern Maps: Points of Interest

    That's an odd one since there is no .wonderdraft_symbols file packed with the asset. Did you try removing the file and restarting Wonderdraft? This should generate a new .wonderdraft_symbols file and fix the problem. Otherwise, use the .wonderdraft_symbols included in the .zip file attached to...
  18. Nexoness

    Disk worlds

    I hope I understand your question correctly, is this what you are looking for? I made and used the right image as a heightmap and inverted it in Wonderdraft.
  19. Nexoness

    Wonderdraft Faerie Lights by Syldi

    Syldi updated Faerie Lights by Syldi with a new update entry: Patch update! Read the rest of this update entry...
  20. Nexoness

    Realistic Avoro: Land of Pharaohs 1.0

    Avoro: Land of Pharaohs Rule like a Pharaoh! Avoro: Land of Pharaohs is a theme in the Avoro series that brings you back in time to the Land of Pharaohs! Rule like one yourself and create amazing looking maps using the custom ground colour palette, label presets and preset settings...

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Mystilik_Mew wrote on Nexoness's profile.
Sorry for bothering you, but I'm having trouble trying to use one of your themes for Wonderdraft.
I've got the zip file in my folders, and I tried unzipping and just putting that in their alone. I'm using Mac btw, hope you can help? Thanks

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