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Although actively moderated, all creators can sell content on CartographyAssets. A creator can obtain the verified badge and status when he or she meets all criteria set in this document or elsewhere on The badge and status show users that a creator is trusted and a real individual or company.


To receive verified status, creators must fill in some of their details. This is a legal requirement under Dutch law to ensure that a user can always contact the creator in one way or another, either themselves or via contacting us. We care about your privacy and only use data for its intended purpose.

  • First name and surname
  • Phone number[1]
  • Email address (we recommend a dedicated email for this purpose)
  • Full address[2]


To verify that you are not a bot filling out fake details we require you to verify your details. You do this by either printing out the verification form or by writing down its contents yourself on a piece of paper. After filling out the form you take a picture of it and upload it to the Creators Hub under the “Verification form”.

Download form: CA – Verification form.pdf

[1] Only visible to the CartographyAssets staff team

[2] Only visible for users who purchase your assets (invoices, emails etc.)

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