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Although actively moderated, all creators can sell content on CartographyAssets. A creator can obtain the verified badge and status when he or she meets all criteria set in this document or elsewhere on


To receive verified status, creators must fill in some of their details. This is a legal requirement under Dutch law to ensure that a user can always contact the creator in one way or another, either themselves or via contacting us. We care about your privacy and only use data for its intended purpose.

  • First name and surname
  • Phone number[1]
  • Email address (we recommend a dedicated email for this purpose)
  • Full address[2]


To verify that you are not a bot filling out fake details we require you to verify your details. You do this by either printing out the verification form or by writing down its contents yourself on a piece of paper. After filling out the form you take a picture of it and upload it to the Creators Hub under the “Verification form”.

Download form: CA – Verification form.pdf

[1] Only visible to the CartographyAssets staff team

[2] Only visible for users who purchase your assets (invoices, emails etc.)

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