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Editing Downloadable Products’ Files After P...

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Understanding how modifications to download files affect past and future orders is crucial for maintaining a smooth user experience. Read on to learn about the outcomes of editing download file rows, adding new downloads, and their impact on past and new purchasers.

Editing Download File Rows

When you make changes to a download file’s rows, such as modifying the name, file URL, or both, after customers have purchased the product, the following outcomes apply:

  • Download Link Updates: The download links associated with past purchases will be automatically updated to reflect the changes made to the file name and/or URL. This ensures that customers can access the updated file without any inconvenience.
  • Expiry Date and Downloads Remaining: Editing the download file rows does not affect the expiry date or the number of downloads remaining for customers who have already made the purchase. These parameters remain intact to honor the terms of the original transaction.

It is important to note that these changes only apply to files that were added before the purchase was made. Any modifications made to the download files post-purchase will be reflected in the respective customers’ download links.

Adding New Downloads

Adding new downloads to a product does not impact past orders in any way. The following points clarify the implications of adding new downloads:

  • No Retroactive Effect: Newly added downloads are only accessible to new purchasers of the product. Customers who have already made a purchase will not gain permission to download the newly added files automatically. Their access remains limited to the files that were available at the time of their purchase.
  • Future Access for New Purchasers: Only users who purchase the product after the new downloads are added will have permission to download and access the newly included files. This ensures that new customers receive the full benefits of the updated content.

Placeholder Files for Future Updates

As a creator, if you anticipate that a pack may require additional files or updates in the future, you can make use of placeholder files. Placeholder files act as temporary or substitute content that can be replaced with the actual files at a later time. Typically, placeholder files are simple text files (e.g., placeholder.txt) that serve as reminders or indicators for future changes.

By including placeholder files within a product, you can maintain consistency in the download structure and ensure that past purchases will be able to access the updated content when it becomes available. When the time comes to replace the placeholder files, you can edit the existing download permissions, and customers who have previously purchased the product will gain access to these changes.

Requesting Manual Download Permissions

Should users require download permissions to be added we can always add them manually for you (the creator), send us a message over at Discord or via the CreatorsHub.