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Posting your very first asset can be very exciting, but there are also a lot of options and settings to choose from., so what do they mean and what do they do?

Types of assets

The first thing you do is select a product type, this tells the system what kind of content you are posting and gives you the relevant settings and options to make it work. There are four options to choose from:

  1. Simple product – this is the default option and allows you to upload the asset to CartographyAssets as you would expect.
  2. Variable product – a bit more complicated. A variable product is an asset that has multiple options. You can compare this to a shirt with different color options. This type is mostly used for asset licenses so that users can select the license type that fits their needs best.
  3. Grouped product – simply put, this is an asset bundle where you simply select the asset that are part of the bundle.
  4. External / affiliate product – also known as an “external download”, this is what you would use if you post your assets over on your Patreon for example or if you have your own webshop.

Asset title

I mean, this should be easy right? This is where you put in the name or your asset! Avoid using long names.


Screenschot from the create asset page

Let’s say you want to sell your asset, cool! Then these two fields are for you!

  • Price – this is the normal price of the asset (VAT excluded)
  • Sale Price – also known as the price on sale or discounted price


This is what you would use to schedule your sale price. This way you dont have to worry about forgetting to change it back to the normal price.


Categories are kind of like folders where your asset ends up. You can select multiple categories if your asset has both image files and software specific files for example.


Tags are descriptive labels you can add to your products. Popular search engines can use tags to get information about your store. You can add more than one tag separating them with a comma.


  • Featured Image – the product featured image
  • Gallery Image(s) – the product gallery image(s).


Assets are described in two ways: with the short description (tagline) and the normal description.

  • Short description – a short description describing the asset, can also be a tagline. It is shown under the asset title on the asset page.
  • Description – this is your normal description and what you use to tell users about your asset.
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