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You may have noticed that some Creators have badges next to or below their name or displayed on their page. These indicate something special: they might be verified, a great seller, winner of a contest or something else. This page explains all the different badges.

If you are eligible for an award, but have not yet been awarded it, please contact us.

Verification badges

Verified Creator
Real and verified to be a living and breathing human who has the best intentions.

Verified Company
This Creator is also registered as a company, which we’ve verified with the respective Chamber of Commerce.

Contest badges

Featured Theme Winner
This means that the Creator has posted an asset or map that ended up as the best in a “Featured Theme” contest.

Asset Making Contest Winner
This means that the Creator has won one of the Asset making contests.

Top Creator Badges

100 Sales
Creators who have made 100 sales or more are awarded with the 100 Sales badge.

Elite Creator
Creators who have made 1.000 sales or more are awarded with the Elite Creator badge.

Best selling Creator
Given to the best selling Creator(s) on the platform.

Creator of the Year
A badge for those who are selected as Creator of the Year.