Siege Weapons/Machines

I have looked all over for good map assets for Siege Machines/Engines and have found almost nothing! 2MinuteTabletop has a single small asset pack, but it is not nearly enough. I would love to see Assets such as Ballista, Trebuchet, Battering Rams, Pots of Boiling Oil, Barricades, Siege Engines, Ladders, Broken Castle Walls, Broken Castle Gates, etc. Possibly even versions with damage/fire/burns to help make it look more like an active siege?

More flora/fauna options

I'd love to see a wider variety of critter options, including insects and smaller animals and birds. In addition, it'd be nice to see more plants/fungi, especially ones that look more alien or fantastical, but having a good range of recolorable plants (and animals) would just be incredibly versatile!

Regional tab wonderdraft

Territory tool - add a layer option. So you can make Baron territory, Count, Duke, and Have an option have all selected or just one of the time.


A system for drawing walls and towers, a bit like the one for making roads.
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