Amazing milestones! Thank you!

An amazing milestone and achievement has been reached!

There have been 3.000 items sold on CartographyAssets ever since we gave creators the ability to sell their content on CartographyAssets! The ability to sell assets was added after the request from many different creators. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought it would take less than a year to allow for 3.000 items to be sold.

I want to thank you all personally for using CartographyAssets to find the assets you are looking for. I also like to say thank you for those who purchased assets, maps or licenses. By doing so you are supporting the amazing creators, whom I'm sure get an amazing feeling from it.

New: Creator badges!

We have added badges for creators to award them with successes:

Featured Theme Winner
This means that the Creator has posted an asset or map that ended up as the best in a "Featured Theme" contest.
The featured theme is displayed on the front page, the current featured theme is "The Heavens".

Asset Making Contest Winner
This means that the Creator has won one of the Asset Making Contests.

100 Sales
Creators who have made 100 sales or more are awarded with the 100 Sales badge.
This badge is manually awarded, if you do not have the award, but should, please contact us.

Elite Creator
Creators who have made 1.000 sales or more are awarded with the Elite Creator badge.

Best Selling Creator
Given to the best selling Creator(s) on the platform.

Creator of the Year
A badge for those who are selected as Creator of the Year.

Asset Making Contest Winner

We are happy to announce the winner of our very first asset making contest! The goal of this contest was to create an asset pack that you think other people (or yourself) might enjoy to use in their maps or campaigns.

The winner of this contest will be awarded:

  • a brand new One by Wacom® (Not sponsored) drawing tablet
  • a very special badge

Everyone likes animals and pets, don't you? But they are often missing from the maps of castles, inns or cosy houses. Our winner, who drew the assets below, came up with the solution by drawing some amazing and cute looking pets and animals. Let's be honest, who could ever say no to those cute little guys?!

Congratulations to Silvia Crow for winning this contest!

We will be contacting you for your prize!

A new look

As you all can see we have (again) a new look. You may ask why so shortly after the big update. The main reason is that the previous theme had a lot of bugs that were just complicated to fix. We also heard your feedback and hope that you will like the new look & feel of CartographyAssets!

Update: A bug is preventing the category menu below to show you the sub-categories. We are aware of this issue and working on it. (use header navigation instead)

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