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Top notch! This is an excellent pack.
Good asset. It could be colorless and take the color of the background. Would turn it very useful alongside the true earth! Also, it could have some smaller mountains.
Almost perfect, the only thing i'd like was if the base shapes were colored white so you can easier determine the shape against the WD dark background.
That's a great idea. I made them in the same vein as the original ones, but I can remake them in white.
Good selection of Celtic designs. At larger sizes there are some issues that need to be addressed; could use some cleaning up for more seamless tiling.
Just watched the video and this looks amazing! I'll be downloading it right after posting this as I'll need it for part of a huge world map I'm building with a group of people.
Let me hop for joy for these gorgeous trees!
Beautiful work! Exactly what I was looking for with a project I'm working on.
Small, but great pack of ruins, really adding some nice variation.
There are some good art in here. It seems really good. Love the pyramids!
Fantastic vegetaions. I even convertet the lemon tree into cherry trees for my eastern japanese styled location.
Stunning! That about covers it.
This is so much better than it looks. I can not even start to imagine NOT using them.
Oh what really? Thank you! I'm so happy you like them!! That really means a lot.
I love the Demonic and Undead buildings!
These are good, and can be recolored with great succes. GJ!
Always need more assets for creating battle maps whether in a VTT or Wonderdraft.
This is a great addition to Wonderdraft. It makes keeping track of assets so much easier; I'm really looking forward to updates that address themes as well.
Just perfect to get rid of the unobservable clutter that is my asset folders

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