KM Alexander Mega Pack

This is a collection of almost 4,000 symbols spanning from structures, to flora, to nature. It's main purpose is to give you the ability to create unique feeling fantasy maps where no two cities, trees, mountains, etc, are the same.

EDIT: Check back in the coming weeks as I'll be adding the remaining brush sets and reorganizing the pack for easier use.

These symbols come courtesy of K.M. Alexander who released these for free via multiple Photoshop Brush sets. I've taken them and converted them to .png files both with and without backgrounds to give you options.

How you might use the different sets:
  • Without Background - If you don't plan on overlapping symbols and want the underlying map texture to show through the symbols
  • With Background - if you plan on overlapping symbols and/or would like the sample_color option.

Note: At the time of this post, there is no option to have the items placed in the Symbols folder to have multiple .png files per brush like you can in the Trees and Mountain folder. So, I'd recommend placing much of these files in either the Mountains or Trees folder. This allows you to have a singular Aubers Large Town brush, for example, and place 15 unique towns without changing brushes. Some, like cartouches and unique files, should probably be placed in the Symbols folder so that you can easily identify the very specific and unique icons you're looking for.

Here's a breakdown of the packs:
  • Aubers - 458 Symbols
    • Archdiocese, Cartouches, Diocese, Fort, Habitations, Large Towns, Major Cities, Missions, Mountains and Mountain Ranges, Native Villages, Port Indicators, Scrub Lands, Scrub Trees, Small Towns, and Volcanos
  • Bleau - 556
    • Basic Cities, Cartouches, Caves, Destroyed Cities, Ecclesiastical Cities, Forts, Hills, Hill Ranges, Imperial Cities, Mixed Cities, Monuments, Mountains, Mountain Ranges, River Crossings, Ruins, Scrubs, Small Towns, Starred Cities, Tents, Leafy Trees, Orchards, Palms, Vineyards, Wall Cities, Wells, and more
  • Donia - 121
    • Cartouches, Churches, Cities, Forts, Mountain Ranges, Mountains, Towers, and Villas.
  • Harrewyn - 448
    • Abbeys, Missions, Cartouches, Castles, Chateaus, Cities, Forts, Redoubts, Farms, Forests, Hamlets, Hills, Inns, Mansions, Marshlands, Trees, and Villages,
  • Lumbia - 323
    • Acacia, Bonetree, Cactus, Cattail, Cyprus, Hills, Jungle, Cliffs, Maple, Mountains, Pines, Scrubs, and Tumbleweeds
  • Ogilby - 584
    • Cartouches, Castles, Forests, Hamlets, Heaths, Hills, Homesteads, Trees, Manor Halls, Ponds, Priories, Scrubs, Churches, Villages, and more
  • Popple - 459
    • Forts, Habitations, Hills, Cities, Missions, Mountains and Mountain Ranges, Forests, Scrubs, Towns, Swamps and Tents
  • Van Der Aa - 206
    • Cartouches, Flora, Hamlets, Mountains and Mountain Ranges, Towers, Towns, and Villages
  • Walser - 246
    • Castles, Catholic Parishes, Chapels, Cities, Hills, Trees, Monasteries, Mountains and Mountain Ranges, Ruins, Scattered Farms, and Towns
  • Widman - 521
    • Administration Symbols, Cities, Forests, Forts, Cities, Trees, Ranges, Mountains and Mountain Ranges, River Crossings, Towns, Villages, and more

Small note: I've added the white background to the individual .png files but have not used them in Wonderdraft to see how well they came out. Apologies if they're sloppy. But, since I've included the non-background versions, you can edit them to your liking.
KM Alexander Mega Pack

KM Alexander Mega Pack 1.0

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      CC-BY 4.0
      License notes
      K.M. Alexander has released his brush sets via the CC-BY 4.0 license and so I have also made these freely available to everyone to use how they wish, including for commercial work.

      If you appreciate K.M. Alexander's brushes (and thus these derivatives) and want to support him, please consider checking out his books.
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    Amazing assets! Im really just startled by it, you dont even know where to start with this one, so many options. It could be packed a bit more structured since there is so much, but nothing to worry about all that much.

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