Elvanos' Cliff Pack

A cliff pack with hand-drawn outlines and textured backgrounds; mostly made for Wonderdraft (comes packed via the Wonderdraft system), but usable anywhere else (all files come as PNGs).

Comes in 6 color tints:
  • Default
  • Default Bleak
  • Arctic
  • Arctic Bleak
  • Sandy
  • Vegetation
On top of it, also contains a black/white version for custom Wonderdraft coloring - fully functional!

Created in mind to best work with the following theme: https://www.cartographyassets.com/assets/elvanoss-wonderdraft-theme-ralia.50/
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Elvanos' Cliff Pack

Elvanos' Cliff Pack 2.0

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 2.0 - Mythkeeper compatible

    - Added full compatibility with the current Mythkeeper asset manager
  2. 1.2 - Fully funtional colored cliffs!

    1.2 - Fixed fully colorable cliffs to not look atrocious - Fixed some outline colors badly...
  3. 1.1 - Cliff pack update!

    1.1 The pack has been updated with a bunch of new both back and front cliffs. Mostly adding...

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Latest reviews

Fills a much needed gap in assets! These end up on all my maps.
Nicely made and fits my map perfectly!

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Working on top down city blocks...
SrAndrewRyan wrote on transylvanlig's profile.
Hi! I was wondering if your desert assets can be used for commercial purposes? Let me know, thanks!

Mystilik_Mew wrote on Nexoness's profile.
Sorry for bothering you, but I'm having trouble trying to use one of your themes for Wonderdraft.
I've got the zip file in my folders, and I tried unzipping and just putting that in their alone. I'm using Mac btw, hope you can help? Thanks

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