Avoro 5.0 is ready finally here! Grab it yourself and start using its latest additions! Loads of brand new watercolour presets, added farm colours and loads of new labels!
Greetings Avorians!
I present to you the latest update for Avoro! Bringing you 5 new styles of water to spice up the variety! Choose the trusty main theme you've always liked, or use one of the new water styles: Blue, Blue (Dark), Old Blue, Vibrant Blue or Carribean water!
Lo and Behold!

The latest version of Avoro is out now! Adding 6 new labels and a completely new structure for the ground colour palette!
Hello Avororians!

After a bit of a delay, I finally finished all changes to Avoro and can now proudly release the latest version Avoro 4.0!
Avoro 4.0 adds tons of new labels, and those should work with both the latest release of Wonderdraft, and older versions.

What has been changed?
  • Tons of new labels!
  • Slightly changed the water labels to fit better with the Avoro sea colour.
  • Better coastal effects. (I will release a coast FX pack later where I will provide you with tons of options)
  • Better Freshwater.
  • Better organized colour palette!
  • Colours are labelled better, mistakes have been fixed!
I decided to keep the assets promised in the trailer separate from the base theme. This allows me to update and expand them on their own. This also makes sure that the people who want to use just the theme don't get unnecessary files with their installation. If you want to have those new assets click here and head over to the Asset section.

All other Avoro themes will soon be updated!
Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Wonderdraft
or click on Open User Folder in the Wonderdraft menu.

Place all files in the .zip file in the main folder of Wonderdraft

Avoro 4.0 will be out soon!

What are you getting?

Better coast and landmass outline
Better freshwater
An installer to make the process even easier
New labels
Optional custom textures
Better names for the ground colour palette
A better-organised colour palette
Custom names for the name generator
Custom paths

Other changes
A complete theme bundle will be released
(Add-on versions of themes will cease to exist because of this, standalone versions will remain)
New specialized labels for all standalone themes
Custom frames for Gates of Hell, Corrupted Isles, Topographic and Ink Saviour​

Ink Saviour Political Conquest

A big thank you to everyone who is actively using and supporting Avoro and for sending amazing theme suggestions!


The Gates of Hell add-on has just been released!

View theme

Added in this version:
Names for ground colours
New rock ground colours
New ice and snow ground colours
New desert and canyon ground colours
New road label preset​
New features have been added to Wonderdraft in its latest beta release. Here are some things that will soon be released in Avoro 2.3:
  • Ground colour names
  • New ice and snow colours
  • New desert and canyon colours
  • Label presets for roads and paths
Who knows? Perhaps there will be more added as well!

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Hap hap happpppppy new year!
yudi wrote on Nexoness's profile.
Hi there, Loving your WonderDraft assets. I am currently trying to use your Avoro - Political Atlas asset but everytime i try to use it, it gives me a warning of Avoro - Topographic ground texture does not exist.

I tried to find this on the website but I am unable to find it. Could you please direct me on how i can resolve this warning?

Many thanks.
Updating my Japanese town assets!
lothlann wrote on Mythkeeper Team's profile.
Hi, I am having some trouble with Mythkeeper lately, may I ask for some support? I am not sure how best to contact you! Thank you!
Working on top down city blocks...

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