Construction Chaos

Remember hearing about how local kids found dead bodies on a construction site? Now so can you!

Released on: 3 February 2021
Last modified: 10 August 2021

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This is a Dungeondraft asset pack thematically appropriate for maps set in the modern and near-future. Also, please note that it features character tokens not included in this pack, but are freely available to use on this very website in my other works.

A radio tower peeks from behind the shed. What will you find there?
There was a report not long ago all over the news about how a construction site for Tripark was shut down because of several strange accidents.
Rooftop chases were never really your thing. But at least this time, you aren’t the one being chased.

Oh man, where to begin! This is the largest pack I’ve made so far. Might as well keep it simple:

A bunch of barrels! Without dissolving bodies in battery acid.
Few bricks. You can use those to build a house!
Various CCTV cameras. Because Big, Medium, and Small brothers are all watching!
A couple of liquid tanks! All that sweet sweet fuel – nightmare and regular.
Communications tower or two. May, or may not have sniper nests in them.
A DIY crane. Batteries not included!
Crates! Nothing fancy, just regular old wooden crates.
Generator in two variants. Sometimes the power goes out, and it is dark in a world without power.
Manholes, ladders, fence posts, gas tanks, electrical panels, control panels, lights, pipes, wires, cables, ramps, steps, skips, shipping containers, scaffolds, vending machines, portable toilets, ventilation fans… You know what? That’s it. I ain’t typing anymore. Just check out this pack if you like some construction site stuff or look at the pictures uploaded.

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