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Expanded Nature Vol. 1 (Commercial License)


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Expanded Nature Vol. 1 features:

  • New Colorable Trees
  • New Colorable Plants
  • New Colorable Flowers
  • New Vine paths
  • New Rocks
  • New Logs and Sticks
  • New Colorable Mushrooms
  • New Grasses
Creator:  Disco Maps
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This license allows for any sort of commercial use without attribution. 

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  1. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely fantastic pack. The plants and trees blend with the base art style very well, and being able to also color them is really great. Free or commercial, this is entirely worth the download. Thank you!

  2. TheAbeilQueen (verified owner)

    Please make more! Fantastic pack to start with, you’ll have many more purchases from myself in the future!

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