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Spiffeigh’s Lighting Pack


Small pack of different light sources for Dungeondraft.
These are lighting assests ONLY.

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This pack contains 28 different types of lights including headlights, frickin’ laser beams, lightning, and several different shapes to combine into fun designs.

I meant to include headlights in Spiffeigh’s Modern Day Assets but I didn’t know how to rotate lights until recently, thanks to a friend.
Instead of updating the pack I decided to create a small lighting pack. 

Rotating Lights:

In order to rotate lights, use the select tool and select the light you want to rotate. Placing your cursor just outside of the bounding box you’ll see hand icon. Click and drag to rotate.
You can also use the scroll wheel to rotate, but it snaps at a 30° angle.

Please feel free to use these for all of your map-making needs. 

Please do not resell or redistribute my assets. 

If you use this pack, share your maps on reddit or discord I’d love to see what you create!  

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