Shady Sacrifice Pack

You sense a feeling of unease while entering the abode, the feeling does not subside, in fact, its grasp on your senses is getting stronger.
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This Dungeondraft asset pack is geared to add a little supernatural flavor to your maps.
A cabin stands lonely in the woods. Yes, same woods those kids went missing and were never found. Do you hear that? That sounded like a muffled cry.

The flashlight beam falls directly into a dark pile on the floor. A closer look reveals it to be a heap of black feathers. Why are they here?

A small glimmer of light is visible through the thick of the forest. A fire! Surely whoever made it will help a lost traveler!

Can be used to spice things up in a fantasy scene or any modern/near-future settings – as long as there is space for little occult/supernatural flavor.

Whatever the case is why you need what you need – check this pack out! We’ve got:

3 shallow holes – when time is of the essence and proper burial isn’t an option.

3 unmarked graves – there is a mound and you can tell what’s inside.

5 animal footprints – something sinister or just a wild animal.

5 ritual blades – because how else would you make the voices quiet?

2 voodoo dolls – a girl and a boy – because everyone needs a friend.

2 ritual boxes – what mystery do those contain.

a DIY rune set  – it makes it easier for everyone to read.

5 different shape leaves – use them as offering or hide a body.

7 different sized piles of stone – work as a small altar or if you need to cover something.

3 clouds of mist  – to add a little atmosphere and hide a clue or two (bonus one is colorable).

6 different flowers – six are already painted and six are to be painted for your needs.

3 blackbirds – believed to be signs of ill omen.

4 different ground marks – a pair of drag marks and a pair of scratches to the ground.

2 shovels – one clean and one dirty – in case you were wondering about the holes in the ground.

an assortment of candles – go ahead and add some romantic vibes to the crime scene.

6 different twigs – that effigy not going to build itself.

2 different shaped feathers – comes in single, double, and triple.

2 web paths – this place must be abandoned for years.

a moth and some larvae – aren’t they cute.

Candles, feathers, leaves, flowers, mounds, holes, shovel, ritual boxes, moth, larvae, marks, stones, runes, ritual knives, bonus cloud, animal tracks, and twigs can be colored in Dungeondraft.  Have fun with your maps!

P.S. – This is my second asset pack and feedback (good or bad) is greatly appreciated. Please leave suggestions here.


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