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GF Futuristic Fantasy


The pack is made for a world without metals but with lots of magical crystals and stones, where flying islands are common, and the predominant architecture consists of white stone with blue crystal accents. But as most of the assets are colorable one can also imagine them in a city of dark elves, where black walls almost seem to ooze blood and the crystals power nefarious magical constructs. 


  • Different floor types and overlays
  • Stone walls with crystal centers
  • Crystal walls and inlay paths
  • Paths in the wall design, for decoration or balustrades
  • Magical crystals, glowing and non-glowing
  • Pillars
  • Furniture and containers
  • Fountains and Sculptures
  • Stone and crystal stairs
  • Three vehicles (including a crystal-powered hoverbike and one with a moveable turret)


Creator:  gnomefactory

Downloads: 818



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You may use my assets for all non-commercial purposes, no attribution required. So share your maps on reddit all you like! I only ask that you don't redistribute the assets themselves without my consent. Commercial use encompasses anything that helps you earn money, either by selling products or by promoting money-making ventures (like a patreon). Commercial licenses can be aquired on my patreon.

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