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Wynter Village – Commercial License


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A Gothic village blanketed in snow and lights. Pencil & oil paint style. 19 painted HD commercial assets.

Creator:  chanquach


Snow and icicles blanket these wintery Gothic houses but they each shelter a warm hearth inside. Build a quaint holiday town draped in strings of lights or a frozen village threatened by the denizens of the forest. 

Drawn in pencil and colored in an oil paint style. 

*** These assets were not ripped from Wonderdraft. I am the original artist of the Gothic Horror asset pack and Wonderdraft has a non-exclusive license to distribute them. 

License information


Credit to the artist (Chan Quach) is very much appreciated but not required unless used for editorial purposes (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, web or print publications, etc.). 


  • mapmaking
  • remixing and transformation of assets for mapmaking
  • sale, publication, and advertisement of maps made with these assets

Not allowed:

  • selling and/or redistribution of original assets
  • selling and/or redistribution of transformed assets

For more details, read the full license in the downloaded file.
Wonderdraft > assets > Wynter Village by Chan - Commercial > metafiles > license.pdf

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