Free Leviathan Battleship

A Man of War battleship that just refuses to quit, Leviathan is an
absolute behemoth crewed by Demons and the Undead. Their captain is a
gnome warlock turned lich in her relentless pursuit to please her
Patron; Asmodeus himself.

Composed of magically fortified ironwood
that’s all but impervious to flames as it constantly regrows itself,
using the corpses of all it has slain as fuel for this regeneration.
What terrors lurk within?


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Includes Branded, [70 PPI] Grid versions of each Nine Hells layer.

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Not specifically tailored for any software

Extra information

This piece uses at least a little bit from each of these amazing creators, though I'd like to shoutout to Essendi for all the cool bones and skulls, Tyger_purr for the excellent sails, Gnome Factory for the wildly useful shadow paths and gorgeous treasure items, ApprenticeOfAule for the beautiful clouds and useful shadow patterns, and Synecdoche for all the random amazing items. Please please please if you like this piece AT ALL, do consider checking out these incredible artists. Some of these links aren't working yet as I wait for them to update their pages, but I will do my best to update those links when I find them working again.

- Essendi -
- Tyger_purr -
- Gnome Factory -
- Synecdoche -
- ApprenticeOfAule -
- Nexoness -
- Magicspook -

[82 x 32]

License information

This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-BY-NC license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

Additional notes

You may use and modify my maps for any non commercial purpose that you'd like. For commercial use, please visit my Patreon.

NOTE: If you'd like to use this in a monetized stream, you are allowed to so long as you provide this link somewhere clearly at some point, and a list of these creator names  - Essendi -
- Tyger_purr -
- Gnome Factory -
- Synecdoche -
- ApprenticeOfAule -
- Nexoness -
- Magicspook -


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