TygerWagons 1.0

Buggies, Wagons, Carriages, Stagecoach, Vardos and draft animals to pull them.

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  • Open buggy
  • Covered buggy
  • Open carriage (colorable)
  • Covered carriage (colorable)
  • Coach (colorable)
  • Buckboard wagon
  • Prairie schooner covered
  • Conestoga covered
  • Consteoga open
  • Delivery wagon
  • Hay wagon empty
  • Hay wagon full
  • Prairie schooner open
  • Hearse
  • 4 styles of Vardo Ramani “gypsy” wagons (colorable)
  • Stairs (colorable) for Vardo
  • Two styles of hitches for the Vardo

Draft animals

  • Donkey
  • Donkey with a pack
  • Two single hitched donkeys
  • Two double hitched donkeys made to stack into a draft team.
  • Light horse
  • Light horse single hitched
  • Two double hitched light horses made to stack into a draft team.
  • Heavy horse
  • Two single hitched heavy horses
  • Two double hitched heavy horses made to stack into a draft team
  • Ox
  • Single hitched Ox
  • Oxen team.
    All colorable.

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  1. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    Fantastic pack as always, I’m definitely going to need to come up with a reason to use these. Awesome variety here, thank you.

  2. Phergus (verified owner)

    Finally, someone that actually has a clue how teams of draft animals are hooked up to wagons. Thank you!

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