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TygerDogSled 1.0


Dogs and Dog sled.

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Creator:  Tyger_purr

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5 colorable dogs without harnesses. Each with unique markings.

The same 5 dogs with harnesses. 

A loaded sled (colorable pack)

An empty sled

And a sled on its side

Dog teams for the sled.

Teams of 5, 6, 8, and 10.

They can be stacked to make longer teams.

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  1. Battleaxe_DM (verified owner)

    Very timely and useful package. It’d be very cool if you could add kennels, straw patches (for the dogs to lie down on), dogs lying down, stuff for the dog sled to carry, and snow spray to come from the back of a sled to indicate that it’s moving. Very nice work!

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