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Books and shelves.
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Books and shelve pushed over and standing.

7 upright shelves

9 pushed over shelves

26 books:
– 5 large books closed (1 colorable)
– 4 large books open face up
– 4 large books open face down
– 5 small books closed (1 colorable)
– 4 small books open face up
– 4 small books open face down

8 stacks of books
1 book on a lectern


  1. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    You never fail to disappoint, these are going to be very useful once I get back to making more interiors, thank you.

  2. Johcker (verified owner)

    Looks pretty nice

  3. Goldstreak00

    Absolutely love this! I always need more bookshelf assets! <3

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