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Swamps and Bones


Small swamp-themed asset pack

Creator:  Essendi


Hello, heroes!

This is a small asset pack, that features various swamp assets.
10 different bones:
[ATTACH alt=”Bones (1).png”]2708[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Bones (3).png”]2709[/ATTACH]
5 different branches:
[ATTACH alt=”Branch (1).png”]2710[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Branch (2).png”]2711[/ATTACH]
5 lotus leaves:
[ATTACH alt=”Lotus Leaves (5).png”]2713[/ATTACH]
5 roots:
[ATTACH alt=”Roots (1).png”]2714[/ATTACH]
5 trees:
[ATTACH alt=”Trees (1).png”]2716[/ATTACH]
And some more!:
[ATTACH alt=”Flag.png”]2712[/ATTACH][ATTACH]2715[/ATTACH]
Here is an example of what you can build with it:
[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”swamp 1.jpg”]2707[/ATTACH]
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  1. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    Really cool, high quality content as always. Definitely grab this and their other packs

  2. Silren (verified owner)

  3. Gimmie Pig (verified owner)

    Great assets – loving the stones and leaves! Now get outta my swamp!

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