Pancake Wizard’s Odds and Ends

A mixture of over 30 custom assets for use in Dungeondraft.


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This is just some custom assets for Dungeondraft I made as-needed while making maps. Just sharing the love!

There are lots of colourable effects in here: splats, cracks, smoke, rips, boot prints.

Other colourable objects: a fancy round rug, a dwarf statue, an ornamental pool.

A stained glass window ‘portal’.

A ‘grating’ light effect.

Some random objects: two fancy rugs, a broken sarcophagus lid, two chimneys, two half-circle stairwells, a dragon statue, an eagle statue, a broken rusted iron gate, a primitive glider and a cellar/basement outside door

[ATTACH alt=”preview.png”]2183[/ATTACH]

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