Treasure Island – Complete Map Pack


Creator’s Kit – 100+ Assets & Full Alphabet


Treasure Island – Steaming jungles, steep mountains, ancient temples, wild native villages, and so much more! Who knows what treasure awaits you on this tropical island “paradise”? Your DM does, hopefully. It’ll be a long, dangerous journey to get there, but you’ll be doing it in style with a map that looks and feels like it’s straight out of a treasure hunter’s attic!

Everyasset was first created by hand (by me) in deerskin, then photographed and edited digitally for map use.
Use any common image editing software to create your own drag-and-drop fantasy maps!

This map pack includes over 100 individual assets as well as 12 Island backgrounds to use (4 islands, 3 versions of each: Plain, with added Ocean, and with added Ocean, Rivers, and Greenery), as well as “Deadman’s Head” sample map.


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