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Toblakai23’s Royal Furniture


Furniture for the wealthier dungeon inhabitants.

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This is some upscale furniture that I have been making. The pack contains one floor and 11 objects.

– Colorable Four poster bed
– 2 Colorable curtains
– Dressing Table
– Table
– Side Table
– Brazier
– Wall mounted Candles
– Folding Screen
– Armoire
– Standing Mirror
– Tiled Floor
– 2 Colorable Chairs

Copy the pack into your main Dungeondraft folder, enable it on a map and the objects should show up under “T23 Royal Furniture” in the tags section.

I ran into some problems making the rest of the furniture colorable, it colored over the gold inlay and wood paneling as well as the intended area to recolor. If I fix this, the rest of the furniture will be colorable in the future as well as the curtains.

[SIZE=6]Version 1.1[/SIZE]
[QUOTE]Okay, I figured out what was causing my coloring problems. The brown and yellow I chose had too much red in it, so it colored those as well as the reds. I changed to a darker brown and whiter yellow, and now the bed and chairs can be colored as well.

I also cleaned up some of my mistakes.[/QUOTE]

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