Majestic Lands

Generate varied, diverse, and supercontinental heightmaps.


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This is sort of a “sequel” to my previous simple template that can be used to generate supercontinents. The Majestic Lands template provides more diversity in the shapes of the landmasses and removes the “horizontal strait” that was generated in my first template release. Like the previous one, most heightmaps that generate will not touch the seams of the map and as a whole, this template is meant for generating supercontinents, although your results may vary.

Enjoy, and be sure to let me know if you experience any issues.

Template code (this is already included in the template file, just for informational sake):
[CODE]Hill 16-64 4-14 30-70 20-80
Smooth 1 0 0 0
Hill 0-4 1-50 30-70 30-70
Trough 0-16 8-50 30-70 20-80
Range 0-16 8-50 30-70 20-80[/CODE]

To use this template, follow the instructions below:
[*]Start a new map with your desired generation settings (map template doesn’t matter)
[*]Go to Tools
[*]Select Heightmap
[*]Choose Erase
[*]Select the Template Editor
[*]Near the centre-bottom of the Template Editor is a button that when hovered over with the mouse says “Open previously downloaded template”
[*]Click that button and choose majestic_lands.txt
[*]On the bottom left of the Template Editor, there is a “play button” that when hovered over with the mouse says “Apply current template”
[*]Press that and a heightmap will generate using the template
[*]To generate another heightmap, simply press it again

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NR license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

Additional notes

The preview image is one of my own generated heightmaps from the template—serving here as a demonstration of the possible heightmaps that can be generated. I release the template (majestic_lands.txt) file itself into the public domain. Any maps you generate with this template are yours. Be sure to modify the template as needed, and or release better/alternate versions too if desired.


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