City Blocks III


Paintable buildings for top down view of towns and cities


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This is a colloection of CIty Blocks and individual Buildings, along with some tents and building bits (cimneys, doors, windows) to personalize them.

Mythkeeper compatible/formatted & donations welcome!


  1. dashlaru (verified owner)


  2. KasperAG (verified owner)

    Amazing quality – highly recommended!

  3. Ashreon (verified owner)

    Great for black/white city layouts, but the sample colors make it difficult to add color versions of streets, alleys and similar with the blocks versions of these in WonderDraft.
    Took the liberty and customized it so there’s a paintable (sample color) and a custom color version.

  4. Odok (verified owner)

  5. Sleepy_Chipmunk

    These are awesome and I’ve used them since they came out, but the walls aren’t colorable for some reason.

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