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Diverse Foliage Pack


A symbol pack that adds seven tree types, each representing different habitats and climates.

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This pack contains seven series of tree symbols, all drawn by myself in Clip Studio Paint, to represent different natural environments.
[*]Polar trees, or conifers adapted to the colder conditions found near the polar regions or high in the mountains.
[*]Deciduous trees for temperate woodlands.
[*]Mediterranean cypress trees, for the subtropical dry scrubland like you find in southern California or Mediterranean Europe.
[*]Cacti for deserts.
[*]Palm trees, which are associated with warm climates but have versatile usage. You can mix them in with the cypress trees in Mediterranean-climate regions, plant them alongside desert oases and rivers, or line tropical beaches with them.
[*]Savanna trees, modeled after African acacias, for your tropical wet-and-dry grasslands.
[*]And lastly jungle trees, which are a mixture of palms and broad-leaved trees with buttress roots. These can be used for both tropical wet and humid subtropical climates.

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