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Hero Tokens Pack 1


Hero Tokens Pack 1

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Hey guys!

All tokens are in PNG format and 400 ppi – DOUBLE our usual resolution just in case you need a bigger version (for example Enlarge spell) you wont lose any detail 🙂
We made a unique token for every official 5th edition class! Total of 12 Classes, each with 2 weapon options for total of 25 unique Class/Hero Tokens (Free)

Our Patrons get +7 aditional color variations for each token – for a total of 200 Tokens 🙂
Each token is also available in a “Small” size so they can be used for Halflings and Gnomes as well.
Why Catch-All Heroes?

These tokens are deliberately designed in a way that there are no race or even gender specific features visible – This way they can be used for any humanoid race and gender combination (with couple exceptions like Dragonborn, unfortunately).
We hope that they’ll bring some life to your campaign either as Heroic PC’s or Formidable NPC’s ^^


If you would like to get all of our FREE or complete tokens versions at one place, visit our website Forgotten Adventures !



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