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Creature Tokens Pack 4


Creature Tokens Pack 4

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Hey guys!

All tokens are in PNG format and 400 ppi – DOUBLE our usual resolution just in case you need a bigger version (for example Enlarge spell) you wont lose any detail 🙂
Hey everyone!
We continue on our quest to make tokens for every official 5th Edition Creature! + some bonus ones because we feel like it 😀
This pack contains 18 CR 1/8 Creatures each with multiple color variants:
[*]Drow Spore Servant
[*]Bridesmaid of Zuggtmoy
[*]Howling Hatred Initiate
[*]Merfolk (Mermaid)
[*]Noble (Cane or Rapier)
[*]Slaad Tadpole
[*]Tribal Warrior
[*]Twig Blight
[*]Young Kruthik
[*]one Bonus Hero Token – Grim, the Half Orc Barbarian 🙂
Our Patrons get access to multiple color variant of each token for the total of 107 tokens 🙂

Next up on the chopping block is Texture Pack 3, containing various rock/road/ground textures in preparation for Modular Castles 🙂

Please come join us on our Discord, we are constantly posting our WIP projects in there so you can chime in and give us some feedback and suggestions 🙂

If you would like to get all of our FREE or complete tokens versions at one place, visit our website Forgotten Adventures !



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