Classic Fantasy AssetPack | Nr.2 | 105 assets


Welcome to the meadows and fields! In this pack we aimed to round out the rewamped classic pack. You can find that pack here!
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This pack evolved with our latest new feature: color lineart for ground textures. We’ve extended that method for the whole pack, and we are pretty happy with the results! Let us know what you think! If this method is preferred, we might go back and redo many other of our latest packs too with this colored lineart.

You will find many assets relating to village/farm life. Little animal pens, fields, granaries, fields, smithy, mills, and we could go on. Look around and see what’s in the pack by zooming in on the product image above!

We’ve really enjoyed working on the pack, we hope you’ll enjoy using it too!

And as always,

Happy Building!
Blu&Su, The BluBerrey Team


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Install guide at the beginning. Overarching DungeonDraft tutorial after!


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