Classic Map Accessory Pack | Nr.1


If you like ‘vanilla’ fantasy, if you are after something more generic and medieval, this pack’s got you covered! Custom numberings, naming tables, scenery assets, banners, heraldry pieces, and more, await to be added onto your maps for those final touches!
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Welcome! This time around we want to introduce you to the new ‘classic’ flavored Accessory/Bordering pack. Meant to be used for any classic flavored fantasy maps. Heavily influenced by real world medieval styles and shapes. This pack would work for almost anything that’s not too high fantasy! Pick up our classic assets if you haven’t already!

We recommend using fonts from the CODEX family, or any other classic medieval looking fonts.

Get to decorating, and put those final touches on your maps!

As always you will find both the _pack file created for DungeonDraft and the PNG files inside the ZIP folder you download.

Enjoy the pack and as always,

Happy Building!
The BluBerrey team


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How to Install

Install guide at the beginning. Overarching DungeonDraft tutorial after!


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