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Scalloped and Gold Frame


two fancy frames in this map frame pack

Creator:  JChunick

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There are two frames included in this pack. They are fancier frames.

There are three versions of the scalloped frame.
In Wonderdraft you can use the Tint color option to tint the map frames.

As always, simply unzip the file and copy the folder to the assets folder.

The scallop frame has been sampled from a photograph by Douglas Fernandes which is under a CC BY 2.0 license, and an approved cultural work. The original map is the Historic map of COLOMBIA: Terra Firma et Novum Regnum Granatense et Popayan (1640) and was created by the Dutch cartographer, Blaeu (though, I am unsure if it’s Willem Blaeu or his son Joan Blaeu. Both were cartographers).

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CC-BY-NC 4.0
Josh Chunick

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