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Easter Island Heads


Realistic and Cartoony Easter Island Heads

Creator:  JChunick

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This is a set of three Easter Island Heads. I’ve made two versions:
[*]A Realistic Set
[*]A Cartoony Set
I’ve set the file structure up to unzip and copy into your assets folder. If you already have some of my other assets then it will copy the new folders/files where they need to go.

References and Sources Used
Many of my assets use images in the Public Domain or which are properly licensed for personal or commercial use. The image used for this asset can be found here: Wikipedia.org, Moai_Rano_raraku.jpg

Preview of the image assets:

[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”562″]562[/ATTACH]

License information

CC-BY-NC 4.0
Josh Chunick

Extra information

Additional information

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