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Ornate Map Frame – Archived


Ornate Map Frame for Wonderdraft

Creator:  JChunick

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Ornate Map Frame for Wonderdraft

There are two versions of the same ornate map frame for Wonderdraft in the zippped file. The frame is set to use the tint colour.

The design was inspired from a pesh-kabz dagger from India dating to the 19th Century. It featured two-coloured gold inlays depicting floral motifs on dark ground which is where the pattern came from.

For personal use only.

The file has been updated to include two more variations so if you’ve downloaded the older version make sure to update with version 2.0!

To install, simply unzip and drop the jchunick folder into the assets folder. If you have any other assets from me then it will simply add the new folders and files into the jchunick folder.

If you are not sure where to install assets for Wonderdraft it then see here: https://www.cartographyassets.com/threads/installing-assets-for-wonderdraft.21/

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