Heraldry Basics Asset Pack


56 different heater shaped shield assets designed for heraldry in Wonderdraft.
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This pack contains 56 colorable shield assets for Wonderdraft. The full break down of files is as follows:

Shield Divisions:
Plain (Colorable)
Per Pale (Colorable)
Per Fess 
Per Bend 
Per Chevron (Colorable)
Per Cross (Colorable)
Per Saltire (Colorable)

Basic Ordinaries:
Gyronny (Colorable)
Barry (Colorable)
Paly (Colorable)
Bendy (Colorable)
Chevronny (Colorable)
Bars (Colorable)
Bend (Colorable)
Bordure (Colorable)
Canton (Colorable)
Chevron (Colorable)
Chief (Colorable)
Cross (Colorable)
Fess (Colorable)
Flaunches (Colorable)
Pale (Colorable)
Pile (Colorable)
Saltire (Colorable)

Counter-changed Ordinaries:
Barry Per Bend Counter-Changed
Barry Per Chevron Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Barry Per Pale Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Barry-Bendy (Colorable)
Barry Per Bend Sinister 
Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Bendy Per Fess Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Bendy Per Pale Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Chevronny Per Pale 
Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Lozengy_01 (Colorable)
Lozengy_02 (Colorable)
Paly Per Bend 
Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Paly Per Chevron Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Paly Per Fess Counter-Changed (Colorable)
Paly-Bendy (Colorable)

Ermine_01 (Colorable)
Ermine_02 (Colorable)
Ermine_03 (Colorable)
Ermine_04 (Colorable)
Potent_01 (Colorable)
Potent_02 (Colorable)
Potent_03 (Colorable)
Vair_01 (Colorable)
Vair_02 (Colorable)
Vair_03 (Colorable)
Vair_04 (Colorable)
Vair_05 (Colorable)
Vair_06 (Colorable)
Vair_07 (Colorable)
Vair_08 (Colorable)
Vair_09 (Colorable)
Vair_10 (Colorable)


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