Isometric Desert Buildings – Pack 1


A pack of desert-themed Isometric Assets to help you bring your world to life
This product is archived.


A version with shadows is available here (the zips are too large to upload to this site):!Am4BCXg0QjREktslfmsyK0sr2LqCkQ

These assets are based off 3d models constructed both by myself and from various (paid for) asset packs designed for people to use when making their own 3d games. I customise the base assets, (usually like a 3d jigsaw puzzle) , add/adjust textures, work out the isometric angles, then take the images to photoshop where I upscale, repaint and stylise them to make them fit my style. and (hopefully) make them suitable for use on a map.


  1. Phergus (verified owner)

    Nice to see a desert set.

  2. PatentDude (verified owner)

    Sweet. Great job.

  3. Zebastul (verified owner)

    I’ve been searching for desert assets for my homebrew campaign.
    Thank you very much!

  4. malmman (verified owner)

    There are some good art in here. It seems really good. Love the pyramids!

  5. vlee0318

    How do I download this? The link is broken.

  6. RogueKnight24

    This looks great, but unfortunately the OneDrive link appears to be non-functional. I’d be swell if you could reupload, if you’re still willing to share.

  7. carlosguardiacosmicocartographyassets

    Hello! The art looks awesome, but the download link is not working. Is the Asset still available or has it been removed?

  8. lucasreptile111

    Its broken.

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