I wandered lonely as a pack of Clouds


Over Hill and Dale


A small set of clouds that can be used to add an extra flourish to your map

Pack 2 available here:


  1. PatentDude (verified owner)

    Most cool.

  2. MrEpicDwarf (verified owner)

    Happy little cloud!

  3. Nexoness (verified owner)

    Really useful and well made!

  4. guimasmilhafre (verified owner)

    these are fine clouds

  5. gkisinger

    I like the clouds but in some cases, like if I just want a mist of sorts, I’d like to have the cloud a bit more transparent. Does anyone know how I’d go about editing the cloud to make it more transparent. I have paint 3d and gimp which I’m still learning how to use. thx

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