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Presenting the Known World from the Infinity Horizon-verse.A great realm with a rich lore for endless role-playing possibilities. Perfectfor game masters, writers, and hobby world-builders to become inspired by andbuild upon. The pack contains the original, base, unlabeled, and blankmap versions If you like the map pack, be sure to leave your review orfeedback.
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The Known World, at least referred to as such by those who
live here, is a region within Infinity Horizon. It is notable for having the
highest concentration of human inhabitants within the ark, though various other
races also make their homes here. To its north lies the uncharted Wild Lands,
and to the East, a vast ocean known as Leviathans’ Reach. It is connected with
the continent of Wah through the Rachi Steppes in the west. The
near-in-hospital Southern Wastes mark its southmost boundary, though legends
tell of great kingdoms of immense riches further beyond the ice wall.

The pack contains four unique versions:

Original: A detailed world map for your many adventures.

Base: Removes the political labels but keeps the
geographical ones intact.

Unlabeled: Retaining all the richness of the original, but
with the freedom to customize names as you see fit.

Blank: An entirely unlabeled and untouched map, ready for
your imagination to populate with your own unique landmarks and features.


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