Turambar’s Towns – Railways and Railtowns


Modular railway and railway station assets to bring your city maps to the age of steam! Now packed for Wonderdraft and Dungeondraft!
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This pack gives you 28 modular assets to bring your city maps into the age of steam! It is designed to go with other city map packs in
the Turambar’s Towns collection, you can find the basic pack here. The pack includes 18 modular tracks that cover everything you need to build elaborate railways. Additionally, there are 10 assets to bring detail to your railway stations, including platforms, cranes, and water towers. 

This pack is for personal use only. However, a commercial license can be obtained by subscribing to my Patreon at the City Planner tier.

These assets are packed for Wonderdraft and Dungeondraft, but are also compatible with Inkarnate and any other program which allows .png files. Keep an eye out for other “Turambar’s Towns” packs! This is one of many which will be released in the following weeks and months. Feel free to drop me some comments or suggestions for future packs in the CartographyAssets Discord server, on my Patreon, or through direct message.

Since I have been asked this question, I will note that no AI tools were used in the creation of this pack, or any of my previous packs.

The example map used as the cover page for this pack uses topographic rocks, trees, and farms from Mazlo. Mazlo’s wonderful assets are availbe here on cartographyassets.com or through his patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cg2a


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