Dotty Cartography Starter Bundle


250 assets to make stippled style maps
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Starting with sincere thanks for supporting us to expand this style more…

We made this bundle to encourage more people to start cartography, or enjoy the new dotty style in Wonderdraft. The bundle includes the base assets to make nice looking fantasy maps.

Here are the contained packs:

  • Dotty Mountains Pack (Big mountains, small mountains and hills)
  • Dotty Dunes Pack (Sand dunes)
  • Dotty Oak / Pine / Cactus Packs (3 types of trees – sample and custom colorable)
  • Dotty Grounds Pack (Lines, Grasses, Marshy Grasses, Rocks)
  • Dotty Icons Pack (Flat and isometric icons with a dotty compass)

Note: Becuase the asset’s sizes are big, you can now make small regions on big canvases in Wonderdraft!

We hope you like it and happy mappings!

Our discord for support and worldbuilding chats:

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