The Cross Of Heaven


This is a LARGE map, of a space station “The Cross Of Heaven”, the second part of my ‘Dark Future’ Campaign. The map was created in Dungeondraft, using assets by de-Zigner, DungeonQuill and White Fox Works. The map is available as a single image, or as each part separately to use in a VTT such as roll20. It was inspired by the 1972 movie “Silent Running”.
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The map was inspired by Silent Running (1972), and is a ship maintaining three domes of bio material for Terra-forming new planets.

Each dome contains a ‘gene bank’, my players mission was to retrieve these. Against them was the crew from the pirate shuttle, who were also after the gene banks on a contract by the gene stealers.

The maps heavily feature de-Zigner‘s assets, the floor patterns and lights are by DungeonQuill.

Please visit both of these great artists and consider becoming a Patron. de-Zigner produces excellent tokens which match his assets.


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Assets by de-Zigner, DungeonQuill and White Fox Works.

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