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First addon for Isometric towns and landscapes series! Walls and battlements provides you with wider selection of walls, towers and their ruins, while also giving you some clutter and props to place around. Works awesome with Smalli pack by Nexoness! Please, consider supporting at:<3
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T.A. made everything
by hand-drawing, then scanned. I colored and made
everything in pack. This time walls were tiling decently, and wont haunt me in my nightmares.
This pack includes:
70 objects on total in 3 variations each, colored, lineart and colorable:
5 wooden battlements
14 props and trees(like banner stand, stone rubble, dead trees, etc.)
51 of walls, gates, towers of multiple types, including ominous magical towers!
13 paths that are suited well for creating custom terrain and path-objects.

+everything as Photoshop brushes!

Main pack


//Commercial license is here, if you need it//



This pack could be used to create castles, town walls, possibly utilize for battlefield scenes and anything else that you can think of.
Map by me, some decently size random town:

And this one, it heavily utilizes Smalli pack made by Nexoness(awesome stuff, and works so well :D)(Thanks to Nexoness for letting me use it for showcase):

Thanks to Epsilon for map, as always:


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