Skront’s Bamboo (Commercial)


Bamboo assets similar to the native DD style.
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If you’ve ever wanted to trap your players in an endless forest of bamboo, treat them to a relaxing evening under dappled fronds, or create a complex ecosystem in a forested region, this pack can help. This pack has three roofs, three floors, a wall, a dozen paths, a smattering of bamboo furniture, and 126 bamboo plant objects in three sizes – small, medium, and giant. I hope these assets help bring more life to your maps!

Purchasing this pack allows you to use all of the assets included in your commercial products, but restricts reselling the base assets or modifications of them. If you’d like to support me and would prefer to gain commercial access to all of my assets, consider signing up on my Patreon!


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License Type CAL-NA-NCR
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With this CAL-NA-NCR license, you are allowed to use my assets in your commercial products. You may not resell any of the base assets, or any modifications of them.

I appreciate, but do not require, attribution in any of your products that use these assets.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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