Dark Future Map 1 – Boarding Rocket


A ‘Dark Future’ map for a Sci-Fi TTRPG of a ‘Boarding Rocket’. This is the first map for the Sci-Fi Collaborative Project which  is intended to promote talentedartists making Sci-Fi assets for map making. The four artists taking part are Caeora,DungeonQuill, De-Zigner and White Fox Works. The map was created in DungeonDraft using assets from the four artists.
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Compared to fantasy, there are far fewer artists creating Sci-Fi
assets for map making.

The Sci-Fi Collaborative Project is intended to promote talented
artists making Sci-Fi assets for map making. The four artists taking part are Caeora,
DungeonQuill, De-Zigner and White Fox Works.

All these artists have released Sci-Fi assets.

I patron all four artists and have used their assets in DungeonDraft
to demonstrate their amazing work.

The first map is the smallest – a ‘boarding rocket’,
designed to transport ‘Dark Future’ characters to their target.

The main maps are of a four-level derelict ship ‘The Clarksville’.

There are three versions of each variation 1) A .png with
transparent background 2) A .jpg version on a background and 3) a .jpg version
on a star field background.

The first level of The Clarksville is ‘The Command Deck’. There
are versions with, and without the ‘boarding rocket’ in the shuttle bay.

The second level of The Clarksville is ‘The Cathedral Deck’.

The third level of The Clarksville is ‘The Alien Orcky Deck’.

The fourth level of The Clarksville is ‘The Sunless Deck’.

All of the artists have Patreon pages – which you really
should look at (and ideally support!)

Caeora is at https://www.patreon.com/caeora

DungeonQuill is at https://www.patreon.com/dungeonquill

de-Zigner is at https://www.patreon.com/deZigner

White Fox Works is at https://www.patreon.com/WhiteFoxWorks

Caeora’s web page is at https://www.caeora.com/

DungeonQuill has a Cartography Assets page (with heaps of
free packs) at https://cartographyassets.com/creator/dungeonquill/

White Wolf Works has a Cartography Assets page at https://cartographyassets.com/creator/white-fox-works/

The White Fox Works Sci-Fi asset sample pack is at https://cartographyassets.com/assets/30537/sci-fi-assets-01-dungeondraft-free-sample/


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