Vintage Map Icons (Commercial use allowed)


A collection of 280 hand-drawn vintage map icons including individual buildings, grouped houses, humans, flags, banners, grasses, farms, fences, roads, boats, and bushes.
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Vintage Map Icons

This asset pack is a collection of 280 hand-drawn icons that fit any vintage looking map and the fun part: the pack includes pre-colored variants as well as colorable and sample color variants for Wonderdraft, meaning you can create entire kingdoms with their respective colors! The pack includes: individual buildings such as houses, churches, towers, gates and walls but also includes grouped houses, humans, flags, banners, grasses, farms, fences, roads, boats and bushes. In summary: all you will need to create that vintage looking map! 

The pack looks really nice with the default Wonderdraft coastline style “Dash Pattern” and “Feudal” Ground Texture. 


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Commercial use is allowed, but you cannot (re)sell the assets themselves. 

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