Sci-Fi Starship Tiles for VTTs


Create sci-fi interior maps from an overhead or top-down view. Pack contains over 500 tiles.
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A collection of tiles that allow you to create sci-fi interior maps from an overhead or top-down view. They are designed to be combined within an image editor (such as Photoshop), or can be imported directly into your Virtual Table Top of choice.

For users of Roll20, this tileset is also available on the Roll20 Marketplace.

The pack contains over 500 tiles, including:

  • Premade locations that serve as examples of what you can create.
  • Starfield and nebula backgrounds for your ships to sail through.
  • Various computer consoles (in different colours with a choice of working and damaged units).
  • Furniture objects (beds, tables, cargo containers, and medical/science equipment).
  • Pipes and rusty engine blocks (that could also be placed outside to represent a hull).
  • Open floor tiles (for filling in large areas of floorspace).
  • Wall tiles and corridor sections of varying lengths for custom designs.
  • Doors, hatches and stairways.
  • Colourful floor lines for directing your crew to their departments (stretch the straight lines and remember to flip horizontally/vertically if corners don’t line up!).
  • Shadowed tiles for indicating different floor heights and platforms (The straight shadow edges are designed to be stretched).

Each tile is based on a grid square of 140x140px. Filetypes are jpg and png.

Permission granted for personal, non-commercial use only.

Commercial licenses available for purchase upon request. Please contact me via my website for details:


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